Not known to most followers, not all subwoofers are intended equal. Subwoofers relying on sizing, placement, and packaging have distinctive features specific to that set up. Just one illustration is way much larger subwoofers these types of as fifteen inch or eighteen inch subwoofers require substantially bigger enclosures for that subwoofer to function totally. That is typically partly a end result from the incontrovertible fact the bigger sized mass of the larger sub requires far much more air within the box to aid you the best 12-inch subwoofer transfer and oscilliate and dampen its oscillations correctly.

The rear wall together with the subwoofer box capabilities getting a reflection panel the subwoofer employs to replicate and compound bass waves to help the subwoofer alone entry a larger peak reaction (or potentially a far more complicated strike). During the really identical time the air within the subwoofer enclosure functions becoming an air cushion to help you you dampen the subwoofers return just just after it tour and take care of its oscillation making sure that it would not distort the audio which is able to track the audio wave appropriately; significantly such as the suspension in your motor vehicle or truck stopping certainly not ending oscillations and managing full physique shake in order that the suspension can observe the road’s ground.

A part end result of implementing a much bigger subwoofer is always that an even bigger relocating whole overall body from the increased enclosure can be a great deal more obviously tuned using a reduce resonant frequency. That’s equal in mom nature to beating a larger bass drum vs actively playing the a smaller sized sized proven of bongos. And so a particular sized subwoofer, in a very really different sized enclosure, getting a unique set up of ports or vents could have a different response to distinctive audio.