Water is life itself. Water is a basic necessity to continue the process of life. All living organisms need water in order to survive. For the proper functioning of the human body, look here water intake is essential, without water our system collapses and dies.

Some people are deprived of this precious liquid that we can obtain just from our faucet in the comfort of our homes, while knowing that for others water is essential to be alive, but it is scarce.

Today it is well-known that our water is full of pollutants. All the atmospheric releases of radioactive pollutants on the air, radiative rainfalls, smog, industrial waste in lakes, rivers, oceans and landfills, let our natural sources become a catastrophic disaster. All the chemical components and nuclear contaminants are reaching all the environments that are no longer natural or in harmony, poisoning our air, rain, glaciers, land, and water. This results in a rise in world-wide health threats.

There is a lot of information around water and its properties, but in reality, we are not drinking safe and clean water. We need to look for ways to protect our body and environment from those irreversible and damaging attacks. We can take advantage of some particular sources by researching how to have the optimal quality of water for our consumption. This is important as it directly influences 60-75% of our body and also helps the planet Earth which is mostly water.

Normally, the pH of water is 7 and it is neutral, but the pH of alkaline water is alkaline because it has more negative ions than positive ones, creating this optimal medium of energy carrier into your system. Our bloodstream along with other elements inside of our body work naturally through the physiological functions that effectively regulates the pH of our body.

A human body with a neutral pH is considered to have the ideal health condition. Anything below 7 is acidic as it imbalances the body creating sickness. Above of 7 is alkaline and this state is beneficial due to the fact that it neutralizes the acidity in the body, and neutralizes harmful waste substances inside the body, to slow or even reverse, acidification and oxidation.

One of the best ways to keep the pH to a neutral and balanced level of 7.0 is eating foods and drinks that regulate metabolic activity in our bodies.Altering the ionic nature of water is a easy method to come up with alkaline water. Alkaline water promotes better blood circulation, helps prevent disorders from the immune system, allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently, and boosts your metabolism.